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League Overview

Townsend Ashby Youth Baseball & Softball (TAYBS) is proud to once again host the 8U Summer Sandlot baseball league.   Here is an overview of the summer league.

  • Open to all boys and girls that are league ages 6-8 (Age as of May 1st).
  • Pitching will only be done by the kids (no coach pitch).
  • Each team will have a 10-game schedule followed by a single weekend tournament.
  • Games are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday starting on July 9th and going thru August 8th.
  • Any make up games will need to be scheduled on other weeknights.
  • All regular season games are played at the home teams’ local field.
  • All tournament games are played at Craven Field in Townsend and will conducted between August 9th and August 11th.
  • There is a $400 team entrance fee which will include postseason umpires, game balls, end of season trophies for every player, MVP trophies (1 per team) & T-Shirts for every player & coach that will be provided at the end of the tournament.
  • Team fee includes up to 14 rostered players, and 2 rostered coaches.  Each additional rostered player or coach will be an additional $20 to cover the costs of shirts and trophies.
  • Individual teams are responsible for their own uniforms.
  • During the regular season, home teams will provide and pay for umpires & baseballs.  Balls must be Cal Ripken approved.
  • During the end of season tournament TAYBS will provide and pay for umpires & baseballs. 
  • Tournament seeding will be randomized, and tournament schedule will be set at the beginning of the season.
  • All regular season games must have one umpire, and umpire pricing is at each individual town’s discretion
  • Tournament games have one umpire per game, while the Championship game has two umpires. 
  • Rules for play are listed in the left menu (current draft – final version will come out with the season schedule)

Notable changes from 2018:

  • Rules are now based on the Macintosh League – Minors Division, which in turn is a based off the standard Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth rules.  This will help players have consistent rules between summer and spring.
  • The league fee is increased, but teams no longer need to cover umpires during the playoffs.  This will simplify the playoffs, and coaches will not need to worry about paying umpires in playoffs.  This should keep the cost of the league about the same as previous years.
  • The tournament will no longer be seeded by in-season records.  We will continue to keep standings for the season, but the tournament will be seeded randomly.  We will set the tournament schedule at the beginning of the season, so everyone has plenty of time to plan.  This will also help to maintain our goal of the league which is on player development and an introduction to competitive play.

Deadline to register your town's team is Sunday, June 30th, game schedules will be released on July 2nd.  Please email   with the number of teams, team names, coach contact information as well as field availability/constraints.

For those who cannot enter a full team, you are welcome to send individual players to participate on a TAYBS team.  For those individual players that wish to play on a TAYBS team, the individual cost per player is $85, and registration is only open thru June 18th.   Individual players can register at http://register.taybs.org