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TAYBS is proud to announce, new for this fall, our first ever ADULT program! This fall we will be having a slow pitch adult softball league! This program is for everyone aged 18 and over, regardless of skill level. Let’s finally swap the tables and have our kids cheer us on :)

Here is a small summary of the league:
* The games are 6 innings, slow pitch softball and "swing till you hit" 
* No previous skill is required to play! This is about going out and having a fun time!
* Games starts September 7th and ends at the end of October
* Group 1 - Games are played on Saturday afternoons starting between 4 and 5pm
* Group 2 - Games are played on Saturday afternoons at either 12pm or 2pm.
* There are no practices
* ALL games are played at either Craven Field or Spaulding Field in Townsend
* One day tournament on the last Saturday of the season.
* Open to all adults over the age of 18

DRAFT version of the rules can be found here.

The cost of the program for our inaugural year is only $25! You can register today by visiting http://register.taybs.org