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What is your mailing address?

         PO BOX 443 
         Townsend, MA 01469

Who should we make checks payable to?

         Townsend Ashby Youth Baseball & Softball
         PO BOX 443 
         Townsend, MA 01469

What does the term “league age” mean for baseball?

When determining in what division a child should be placed, TAYBS uses the child’s “league age” and NOT school age/grade. 

Baseball League age is the age of a player on April 30th of the current season.

Softball League age is the age of a player on January 1st of the current season.

I just registered my son/daughter for the TAYBS program. What will TAYBS provide for equipment, and what do I need to provide as a parent?
Please see this page for a parents shopping list of equipment.

I want my child to play in a higher or lower division than the age guidelines allow. Can I do that?
If you believe that your child is not developmentally ready for the competitive divisions (Minor baseball/softball, Major baseball/softball) you can request that he or she remain in a lower division for an additional year.  Please put your request in the comment section of the registration form or contact your Player Agent directly.  Players that wish to move up will be decided on a case by case basis by the TAYBS B.O.D.  Please submit your request during registration.

Can I request my child be placed on a particular team?
We DO NOT honor requests for specific placements in competitive divisions, specifically Major baseball/softball, and Minor baseball/softball. We try to honor requests in non-competitive divisions but we cannot guarantee it. We will guarantee the siblings will be kept together in both competitive and non-competitive divisions. If you would like to make a request, please add it to the “Comments” section of the registration form and/or contact your Player Agent directly.

My son/daughter registered for TAYBS back in December and now it’s March and he/she no longer wants to play baseball. Am I eligible for a refund?
Refunds will be granted for medical reasons only.  All refund requests must be submitted in writing to the B.O.D. for approval and are subject to a $25 fee to cover charter and insurance costs paid by the league.  If uniforms have already been purchased, you will also be responsible for the costs of the uniform.

How are Managers and Assistant Coaches identified and selected for baseball and softball?
On the TAYBS registration form you will have the option to select that you are interested in being a volunteer Manager or Assist Coach, along with several other volunteer options. Player Agents work with he previous years Managers to determine who is interested on coming back to Manage a team. From there Managers are selected and presented to the B.O.D. who has the final approval. All Assistant Coaches are selected by the team Managers for each team and again approved by the B.O.D. No Manager or Coaches position are automatically carried over from season to season.  All coaches must submit to a CORI check.

 How long is the baseball season and when are practices/games?
Please see the individual program pages for details about the differant programs commitments.

As a TAYBS Volunteer will I be required to submit to a background check (CORI)?
Yes.  The State of Massachusetts requires all youth programs to conduct CORI checks on all volunteers.