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Calendar Raffle Fundraiser Information

A $50 fundraising fee is included for all players at the time of registration.  10 calendar raffle tickets per registered player (20 tickets max per family) will be issued in May thru the child's coach.
  • Tickets must be turned into the snack shack at Craven Field or Spaulding Field by June 30th.  
  • Tickets not turned in by June 30th are considered loses.  There are no refunds for unsold tickets.
  • A name will be drawn at random from all entries for each day of June.  Prizes are all cash, as shown on the calendar.
  • Winning tickets drawn prior to the June 30th selection will be returned to the ticket barrel.  You may win more than one prize.
  • Board members, managers, coaches and their immediate families are eligible to participate.
  • A winner will be selected for all 30 days in June at the same time on July 1st.
  • The drawing on July 1st will be broadcast live on the TAYBS Facebook page.
  • All names drawn are final.  Checks will be mailed to all winners by the end of July.
  • Any winner that has a current balance with TAYBS will have the prize money deducted from their balance.

You can do three things with your calendars:

  1. Sell all or some of your calendars ($5 each).  THE MONEY YOU COLLECT, YOU KEEP!!!  Return the bottom portion to the Craven Field Snack Shack.  You can earn back $50 per child (up to 2 kids) registered by selling your calendars.
  2. You may also choose not to sell the calendars but instead submit them with your info on them for a chance to win. 
  3. You may also choose to do nothing at all but your $50 will not be refunded.

Fundraising for the league is done to keep registration costs low and allow us to continue to improve our product for the kids of our towns.  Examples of how the money is spent includes new equipment to keep our kids safe, paying for umpires, upgrading and maintaining all of our facilities, and much, much more.