Public Field Usage & Rentals

When our fields (Craven or Spaulding) do not have a TAYBS league event scheduled on it, it is open and available to the public and other organizations for scheduled events.

Any Townsend Resident or Townsend non-profit organization (excluding AAU/Club sports programs) are welcome to block time at any of our fields at no cost (does not include access to power, water, snack shack, grill, chalk, quick dry or tractor), so long as they reserve it in advance, and leave the field in the condition it was found in.

Other organizations may rent out the usage of our fields at the costs listed below.

Just looking to grab some friends and head to the fields for some fun? So long as there is no active event going on, and if one starts you clear out of the field right away - go for it and have a blast!

Field Rental Costs

  • $150 Per Game (up to 7 regulation Innings)
  • 10% Discount if renting a field for an entire day (3+ games).
  • Paid in advance, no refunds within 7 days of scheduled event.
  • Must provide proof of your own insurance.
  • $100 Fee accessed for fields that are not dragged, trash left in dugouts or around field.
  • Field is carry in, carry out - no trash service.
  • Access to Power & Water.
  • Rental Includes
  • Usage of single field for up to 4 hours per game rental.
  • Includes up to 1/2 bag of chalk - you provide labor.
  • Includes up to 1 bag of quick dry - you provide labor.
  • Includes usage of mower for field maintenance - you provide labor & gas.
  • Usage of Scoreboard - you provide scorekeeper.
  • Usage of Snack Shack - 10% of sales to renter when you provide labor, if TAYBS provides labor, no percentage to renter.
  • Usage of Grill - you provide labor & if not used as part of Snack Shack sales, you provide propane.
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