Player Rostering

Each season prior to the start of the season, we need to select players for each team. How that process works differs every season depending on a bunch of factors.

  1. The league identifies and selects who is the head coach of a team. Their children are immediately selected for their own team.
  2. The head coach make their selection for their assistant coach. Once the assistant coach is approved by the league, the assistants coach's children are automatically added to their teams roster.

From there it depends on the division and number of kids registered.

  • T-Ball & Rookies
  • Head Coach and Assistant coaches children.
  • Special requests from parents are then reviewed and applied when possible.
  • Remainder of the kids are split up automatically, trying to balance teams by town & ages.

  • Minors and Up
  • If there are only enough players for a single team, then all players are automatically assigned to the single team.
  • If there are enough players for two or more teams either a draft or a coaches conference will be held so that the teams can be split up as evenly as possible.
  • The following guidelines as used when drafting a team and are used as a guideline for coaches conferences.
  • The draft order is randomly selected, by coin flip, or other method if more than 2 teams.
  • Coaches are able to see special requests, and are only used for guidance, not requirements when selecting players.
  • The Head Coach and Assistant Coaches kids are preselected for the first X number of rounds. Example - if a Head Coach has two kids, their round 1 & 2 selections would be their own children, and if the assistant coach has 1 child, the teams third round selection would be the assistant coaches child.
  • Players that are playing in Travel Ball/AAU/NM All Stars are then put into pool 1.
  • Players that are known pitchers or catchers are then put into pool 2.
  • All remaining players are then put into pool 3.
  • At the conclusion of the draft, coaches will have 30 minutes to trade players to try to balance out teams as they would like.
  • Once the teams have been set via either draft or coaches conference, the league will review and provide final approval. If needed the league can and will make changes in the best interest of the overall program.
  • The drafts/conferences are private, and will not be open/shared with parents. Once the league has approved the rosters, the rosters are set and will not be changed.
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