Player Call Up Policy

For Minors divisions and above, in the event that a team is unable to field a team of 10 players for a game, the following policy is used for how call ups are handled.

  1. A team cannot call up a player and have a game day roster of more than 10 players.
  2. A call up player must be from a lower age group division and cannot be called across from another team in the same division.
  3. Call up players must be put at the bottom of the lineup and should be positioned in the outfield. Exceptions can be made if a team has NO pitchers or catchers for the game day - however if the team has a player who CAN pitch or catch regardless of talent, they must be given priority over the call up.
  4. Call up players must never be given priority over the rostered players from the team regardless of their talent level. For example - if a team has a game day roster of 10 players with the call up, the call up player can only play in the field for the required 2 minimum of innings.
  5. A call up player cannot miss their rostered teams games under any condition.
  6. A call up player cannot miss their rostered teams practices without approval from the rostered teams head coach.
  7. Players that are called up, must be rotated from game to game with all of the players that are capable of trying the higher level. It should never be the same player called up every time.
  8. In order to call up a player, the coach needing the call up must get approval from the head coach of their rostered team to ensure that the player being called up will not impact their teams next game. Example, the call up team requires a pitcher as the call up, but the rostered team had planned to use them to pitch the following day.
  9. In the event that a call up does pitch for the call up game, their pitch count/innings will count against their rostered team.

Remember, the goal of the call up system is to ensure that a team is able to play, the call up system is not a means to make a team better. This is a recreational program.

For Rookie divisions, you can use a player from another one of our Rookie teams - so long as they do not already have a game scheduled for their own team.

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