Adult Softball Sub List

Substitute Player Rules

  • If a substitute player is used, a team cannot have more than 10 players playing that week.
  • If a team needs a substitute, the order of selection is:
  • A player listed on the official substitute player list (Shown Below)
  • A player on another team not on the official substitute list
  • A non-rostered adult who is at least 23 years old.
  • A substitute player’s primary team is their first responsibility. If a player is unable to play in their own game, they should not be playing as a substitute for another team. Exceptions will be allowed in a case by case basis that must be approved by the league director.
  • A substitute player must have read and understand the rules prior to stepping on the field. 
  • A substitute player must check in with the league director prior to stepping on the field for all games.
  • A non-rostered substitute player must sign a waiver before they can step on the field. It is the team captain’s responsibility to confirm their substitute has signed their waiver, and that they understand the rules of play. A substitute only needs to sign a waiver once per season.  
  • If after the start of play, a rostered player arrives, they will join in at the start of the next half inning, and their substitute player will then be removed from the game.
  • A non-rostered substitute player may only substitute in three games before they are required to officially roster and pay the league fee. If there is no shirt available for them, there will be a $10 discount to the fee.

Official Substitute Player List

Alyssa Mckinnon F 781-808-6381
Cameron Lacouture M 978-868-0181
Chad Turgeon M 978-551-7850
Chris Masiello M 978-758-1137
Chris Newton M 802-777-3449
Dennis Jones M 978-270-0853
Jay Quattrocchi M 339-368-3458
Jenn Hureau F 978-333-3369
Jessica Davis F 978-944-9924
Joe Smith M 617-584-4891
John-Paul Gallagher M 978-852-7363
Joshua Chapman M 603-309-6722
Julian Dufresne M 978-844-2590
Justin Mitchell M 978-235-6357
Kerry Neal M 978-503-2591
Megan McElhiney F 781-439-8275
Michael Jarvis M 978-479-7061
Michael Stevens M 978-758-1708
Michelle Balboa F 713-540-1468
Michelle Calhoun F 978-333-3369
Pat McCormick M 978-726-6580
Patrick Roy M 978-833-6359
Rachel Balboa F 713-540-1468
Sabrina Young F 978-815-0628
William Hoeksema M 617-678-9652
William Megan M 617-999-6655
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