Adult Softball Sub List

Substitute Player Rules

  • If a substitute player is used, a team cannot have more than 10 players playing that week.
  • If a team needs a substitute, the order of selection is:
  • A player listed on the official substitute player list
  • A player on another team not on the official substitute list
  • A non-rostered adult who is at least 23 years old.
  • The league director can make rare exceptions if needed. Our goal is to play games.
  • A substitute player’s primary team is their first responsibility. If a player is unable to play in their own game, they should not be playing as a substitute for another team. Exceptions will be allowed in a case by case basis that must be approved by the league director.
  • A substitute player must have read and understand the rules prior to stepping on the field. 
  • A substitute player must check in with the league director prior to stepping on the field for all games.
  • A non-rostered substitute player must sign a waiver before they can step on the field. It is the team captain’s responsibility to confirm their substitute has signed their waiver, and that they understand the rules of play. A substitute only needs to sign a waiver once per season.  
  • If after the start of play, a rostered player arrives, they will join in at the start of the next half inning, and their substitute player will then be removed from the game.
  • A non-rostered substitute player may only substitute in three games before they are required to officially roster and pay the league fee. 

Official Substitute Player List

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