Player Draft Process

The draft will be conducted within the first 48 hours following the final registration date. The draft may be conducted in person or via Zoom.

  • Drafts will be conducted from the oldest divisions to the youngest.
  • Coaches will be provided a report of special requests from parents.
  • these are only requests and are do not need to be followed.
  • The 2 official coaches will have their first kid put on their team for the first rounds.
  • If a coach had more than 1 child, the second child will be their pick for the next round.
  • This will continue until the coaches have no additional children.
  • If only the one coach had an additional child, the other team will make their first pick.
  • If neither coach had an additional child, a coin flip will be done to determine who will pick first.
  • Each coach will make 1 pick per round until there are no further kids available using the same order.
  • At the end of the draft, coaches can trade players for up to 30 minutes, at which time they are locked for the season.
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